SC 48

The Shorthanded Sailor

Navigate the seven seas

Very upscale finishes to meet the most demanding owners. Built to fit your needs, the SC 48 is ideally suited for people who navigate shorthanded


The SC 48 is also a fast yacht that performs well in all conditions thanks to their retractable dagger-boards, carbon rigging, composite sails and a design that combines comfort and performance.

Design : Sebastien Schmidt
Hull length 14,0 Width : 7,5 m
Construction : Sandwich glass epoxy with PVC Diviny cell H80 foam
Carbon Reinforced hull
Sail Area : 22 m
Draft (DB up) : 1,0 m (DB down) : 2,8 m
Weight : 11,0 t
Full load weight : 14,5 t

Raymarine Navigation

2x Yanmar turbo diesel saildrive 40cv

4kw electro

Fuel 2x320L

Grand – voile : 69,5 m2
Génois : 52 m2
Trinquette : 23,2 m2
Gennaker : 85 m2
Mât et bôme carbone, gréement kevlar