The construction of Swisscat multihulls takes place in a 3,000 sqm, modern and fully equipped area for state-of-the-art multihulls. The shipyard has highly trained staff where quality, weight, design and engineering are an integral part of the project.

The shipyard is equipped with everything needed to ensure the stringent standards required by certifying bodies, set up to make all work teams such as fiberglass, bodywork, furniture, assembly and so on work in harmony.

The new exterior lines as well as all details of the new Swisscat 55 catamaran are made with numerically controlled machinery to ensure the geometries drawn with millimeter precision.

The entire boat line is made with epoxy resins by an infusion process. The hulls and joint tunnel are made from a single component, a process that allows for the highest quality, thus ensuring maximum structural integrity with the lowest possible weight.

The hull is carbon fiber reinforced in high stress areas to ensure maximum weight/strength efficiency.

All the furniture on board is made of lightened materials with real wood furring, some of which is also the customer’s choice. Like the exterior surfaces of the boat, the furniture has also been optimized with numerically controlled machinery and assembled with attention to every detail.