SC 55. Strong, recognizable, captivating. A catamaran with character.

Designing a boat is a matter of balance.

In designing the lines of the Swiss Catamarans 55 hull, Francois Perus and Romain Scolari focused on a design intended for fast cruising on the open sea: to sail in any sea in comfort and safety, with a fast cat, and extremely easy to steer. The result is a high-performance, wave-resistant multihull with excellent sailing properties.

Even in the renderings, the modern and powerful hull shape is evident, with low rocker to promote glide and acceleration in the wind and create dynamic lift to reduce pitching and heeling. The displacement takes into account the load requirements for a blue water cruiser where perfect balance is achieved by keeping the weights centered and the bow and stern mirrors empty.

The mast is of medium length to have a balanced sail plan between mainsail and foresail with high extension sails for greater efficiency. The sail plan also includes self-tacking jib for easier maneuvering, genoa for more power, and gennaker.

The weight study was very important in the design, and the deck is calibrated to allow for weight control and maximum interior habitability. The structure was optimized by the specialized firm Rivoyre Ingénierie with the use of carbon fibers wherever reinforcements are needed.

The deck layout is centralized around the roof, and the 2 rudders (single rudder model also available) are located in the cockpit area well protected from the weather and positioned for excellent visibility fore and aft. Remote electric control options are possible.


The overall design of the Swiss Catamarans 55 is definitely eye-catching in its look where very sharp inverted bows emphasize very high-performance hulls.

The collaboration between Marco Amadio, Christian Paulish, Swisscat Yachts and Yacht Design Collective aimed to have a catamaran rich in details but with great cleanliness in the lines that are easily recognizable by the strong identity, with typical Italian craftmanship details: low belt line and low hard top wrinkle.

The deck drains have been studied to ensure a clean and always dry deck, and the tunnel is high for performance sailing even in rough sea conditions. However, the decidedly sporty design leaves room for a spacious interior where the saloon with opening windows, good head clearance and rotates around the central island.

The deckhouse has reverse glazing to ensure perfect shading, but also a 360° panoramic view from the dinette, with no blind spots. The cabins are very bright and comfortable with spaces ergonomically designed for maximum comfort.


Equipment Swiss Catamarans 55, comes standard with retractable daggerboards to allow upwind speeds like those of a fast monohull, sailing in shallow water and approaching land in the most beautiful bays. Also standard equipment includes a carbon mast and synthetic rigging for excellent rigidity throughout the sail plan with the lowest possible center of gravity reducing pitching to a minimum.

Swiss Cat 55 can have all maneuvers operated by electric winches, such as headsails and daggerboards, mainsail traveller, jib/genoa sheet adjustment and halyards.

As every Swisscat before, the new 55 offers a wide range of truly custom options according to the owners’ preferences and of course budget. Some choices like the mast, rigging, sails, interior design, number of rudders, number of cabins, just to name a few can be left entirely to the owners wishes. We are of course very happy to give our suggestions and to help during the design process.






Technical details

Lenght 16,9 m
Beam 8,2 m
CL-CL 6,2 m
Bridge Height 1 m
Saloon headroom 2,1 m
Hull headroom 2,0 m
Mast lenght 22,5 t
Mainsail area 101,2 mq
Self tacking jib area 58 mq
110% Genoa 70 mq
Storm jib area 28 mq
Gennaker area 160 mq
Spinnaker area 250 mq
Black water tank 40 l
Construction RM Design 40T m
Builder Swisscat Yachts



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